Planning Your Day

Register to Get All the Girl Day Insider Information

Be sure to register for Girl Day to ensure you receive all updated information on parking, tips for navigating the day, reminders of what to wear and bring, and follow-on information full of resources to continue making connections to STEM events and opportunities.

What does Girl Day look like?

Girl Day is a free event open to the public. You should plan for lots of people and a good amount of walking across the UT campus. Students can choose which activities they'd like to attend and come and go at their leisure. View photos from past Girl Days to see Girl Day in action.

Activities open at 11:30 a.m. and close at 4:30 p.m. Closing shows run from 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. on our various stages.

How to Prepare for Girl Day

Activities are ongoing throughout the event with the exception of a few great science shows like our Fun With Chemistry show (show times are listed in the program). Come prepared and check out the program ahead of time to plan the activities you'd like to visit. Search for age appropriate activities and plan your day. Download the app to easily access information throughout the day.

Plan your route for "Getting to Girl Day" and check out the information below on what to wear and what to bring. Click through all the links on the Participate page to be sure you have all the information to make the day amazing.

What to Wear and Bring

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
  • Bring a bag or backpack to take home all of the fun things you create during the day.
  • Bring a water bottle to refill at stations throughout the day.
  • Bring snacks. Food trucks, snack stations and vending machines will be availble, but lines can be long and food can run out. Prepare ahead if you expect kids to get hungry.

Crowds and Noise

You should expect lots of noise and people around you having fun. If an activity is crowded, we recommend returning to it later. Activities are come and go throughout the day and there are 150+ activities to explore. When one is full, head to the next one!

Lost Children or Adults

Discuss with your participants what to do if they get separated from you. Lost participants (children or the adults with them) should immediately find a Girl Day volunteer wearing one of our shirts and they will take them to an info tent or building coordinator. 

Making STEM Connections

While we have lots of volunteers to help lead activities, we encourage you to help your participants make the connection to engineering, to help them question their activity designs (without leading them or doing it for them), and being a positive force encouraging them to see what they can do with math and science! Failure is part of the process and our volunteers can share their struggles and encourage the participants to work through challenges. 

WEP will share more STEM connections, STEM activity resources, upcoming STEM events and more with all registrants for Girl Day. Make sure you register to receive all the information!