Conducting Dogs? Electric Money? Take the Circuit Challenge!

Shared by Girl Day Leader: Intel

Recommended Grades: 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Grades

The Challenge: Create a circuit that lights up a lightbulb, switches a lightbulb on and off, and includes a dog or a dollar. 


  1. Head to the online circuit construction lab to design, create, and test your circuits.
  2. Follow the instructions in the PDF below to create your circuits, switch things up with switches, and test it out with a dog and a dollar and more.

STEM Connections: Circuits are everywhere. They are in the computer or device you are using to participate in Girl Day where you are improving your mind and learning all kinds of things about engineering and science. They are in the treadmill you might get on to exercise, controlling the speed and tracking how far you have gone. They are in X-ray machines a doctor might use to see if you have broken a bone. Anything that has an on-off switch has a circuit behind it making it work.

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Engineers at Intel

Engineers at Intel are advancing our world in many ways. Check out the PDF below to explore the different types of engineers at Intel and how they are making our world a better place.