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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to questions about registration, t-shirts, Girl Scout patches, costs, and more. This page will be updated with additional information as the event date nears.

Your best resource for "How to Participate" and have a fantastic STEM Girl Day is our "How to Participate in STEM Girl Day" webpage with maps, schedules, flyers, parking info and more.


What is STEM Girl Day at UT Austin?

STEM Girl Day at UT Austin, presented by Halliburton and Hologic, is a free event for K-8th grade students hosted by Women in STEM at The University of Texas at Austin. The event is hosted on campus on a Saturday during Engineers Week with over 9,000 student participants exploring over 150 free-flowing hands-on activities and demonstrations hosted by volunteers, student organizations, corporate partners, and community organizations. K-8th grade students get the chance to explore engineering, science, math, and technology at their own pace throughout the event. 

How much does STEM Girl Day cost?

STEM Girl Day is FREE to participants every year due to the generous donations and support from our corporate sponsors and community. Support STEM Girl Day with an individual donation to Women in STEM or email Tricia Berry for more information about becoming a corporate partner.

Why is STEM Girl Day in February?

STEM Girl Day at UT Austin includes the celebration of Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, an international annual event held during Engineers Week! Engineers Week is always the week in February that encompasses George Washington's birthday, February 22nd, as he is recognized as the nation's first engineer. 

Date Conflict with Greater Austin Regional Science and Engineering Festival (GARSEF): We are aware of the conflict between STEM Girl Day and GARSEF. Both events are part of other larger efforts (State and International Science Fairs, Engineers Week and Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day) that direct our event timings. Additionally, from football games in the fall to Texas Relays and UIL competitions in the spring, all other UT Austin campus events on weekends severely limit dates for WiSTEM on-campus programming. Neither STEM Girl Day nor GARSEF have date flexibility. We collaborate and communicate regularly about these conflicting and complementary events and are excited that we can offer so many STEM opportunities for girls within our Greater Austin community including the GARSEF, STEM Girl Day at UT Austin, Girlstart, Girl Scouts of Central Texas, Latinitas, Girls Empowerment Network, and more.

What should I expect when I come to STEM Girl Day?

Check out all the links and resources on the Participate page to make the most of your #UTGirlDay experience.

  • STEM Girl Day is an open-to-the-public STEM festival with come-and-go hands-on activities, demonstrations, tours and experiences running continuously throughout the event.
  • Students with an adult chaperone can choose which activities they'd like to attend throughout the event and come and go at their leisure from 11:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • See the Schedule page for an itinerary and more information. Lists of activities and a full event agenda will be updated with more details as the event nears.
  • Registrants will receive all event details, logistics, and tips for a successful experience so be sure to register between December 1st and the event date!

What should I bring?

Bring a refillable water bottle, snacks, and a bag for STEM creations and giveaways. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Where do I park or where should our bus drop off students?

See the Bus Instructions eNewsletter for detailed instructions and maps. See the campus map for parking and unloading/loading locations and cautions. More detailed instructions can be found on the Directions and Parking page.

Are there quiet rooms available at the event?

There are several rooms and building floors designated as quiet rooms/zones for families or educators and students who may need to take a break from the loud and crowded areas of STEM Girl Day. In case of rain or inclement weather, the rooms listed below with asterisk * will be occupied with a STEM organization and activity and not be available as a quiet room.

  • ASE 2.134* (2nd Floor)
  • ECJ 3.122*, 3.402*, 3.406* or 3.110* (3rd Floor)
  • EER North Tower 3rd Floor (study areas)
  • ETC 3.108* or 3.112* (3rd Floor); 4.120 or 4.150 (4th Floor); 5.132 (5th Floor)
  • WEL 3.244, 3.310, 3.314, 3.318, 3.320, 3.502 (3rd Floor); 2.110*, 2.128* or 2.140* (2nd Floor); 1.316* or 1.308* (1st Floor)

* Not Available if Event Implements Rain/Inclement Weather Plan

Where can I find or share event photos and videos?

Find information about our Flickr photo/video album and where you can find and share photos and videos after the event on our Photos and Videos page. All participants and volunteers agree to the media release.

What is the Concealed Handguns Policy for this event?

The purpose of the Youth Protection Program (YPP) is to protect all minors in their university-sponsored activities and interactions involving members of The University of Texas at Austin community. Pursuant to S.B. 11 (the “Campus Carry Law”), the YPP Policy prohibits the carrying of a concealed handgun by any person involved in a University of Texas at Austin camp/program for minors. As a condition of their child’s participation in campus programs, parents and guardians who are visiting or transporting a participating minor to and from programs at The University of Texas at Austin is prohibited from carrying a concealed handgun.


Who can attend STEM Girl Day?

Any student in Kindergarten – 8th grade with their adult chaperone may participate in STEM Girl Day. Educators are also welcome to explore. All are welcome!

How do I register?

Please visit our Registration page to register K-8th graders and their adult chaperone(s) between December 1 and the event date. Educators interested in exploring on their own may visit the educator programming page to sign up and learn more.

Can I register another student?

Yes! Registration will be available online December 1 through STEM Girl Day for additional students to be registered.

One of my students canceled, how do I swap/change/add another student?

No need! If you want to add another student you can register them. Swaps and cancellations don't need to be recorded.

My child is in Pre-K. Can they attend?

Activities are not designed for younger students and we don't want to frustrate them about STEM with activities that are not at their age level. We offer STEM Girl Day every year so wait a year or two and come when they are in Kindergarten through 8th grade!

Can my high schooler attend/volunteer for STEM Girl Day?

STEM Girl Day is not designed for high schoolers and minors may not volunteer without an adult chaperone. Visit our Women in STEM High School Camp website or STEM Starts for information about upcoming high school programming.

How many adults do I need? Can I register another adult?

There is no specified adult-to-child ratio required. You will need an adult with the students at all times during the event as this is a chaperoned event. No minors should be participating by themselves nor allowed to wander the event on their own. You do not need to register additional adults who will be in attendance with a group of participants. We use the adult contact information to send information and details about the event via email.

I'm an educator who wants to participate and bring content back into my classroom. Can I register?

Absolutely! Check out our Educators page for information on how to register and ways to make the most of all STEM Girl Day opportunities. 

Is STEM Girl Day accessible? How do I request accommodations?

All buildings hosting STEM Girl Day activities are wheelchair accessible with accessible restrooms and classrooms. Gender-inclusive restrooms are available in many of the buildings on campus.

We strive to host inclusive, accessible events that enable all individuals, including individuals with disabilities, to engage fully. Please contact WiSTEM at least 21 days prior to the event to request sign language interpreters. To request other accommodations or for inquiries about accessibility, please contact . Accommodation requests received with fewer than 21 days' notice will not be supported due to support staff scheduling and logistics challenges. 


How do I purchase a STEM Girl Day T-shirt?

T-shirts will be available for purchase on-site for $20 cash (tax included). The t-shirt sales location will be near the north entrance to the Student Services Building on Wichita Street (halfway between Dean Keaton and 27th Street). All registrants will receive additional information about t-shirt sales via email. Limited availability. 


How do I get a STEM Girl Day Girl Scout Patch?

STEM Girl Day Girl Scout patches will be available on-site during STEM Girl Day in Parking Lot 92 near the ASE building. The location of the Girl Scouts booth is shown with a green star icon on the STEM Girl Day Campus Google Map. Patches will not be available prior to or after the event. Quantities are limited.


How do I volunteer for STEM Girl Day?

We appreciate the support of our community to put on STEM Girl Day! If you are a UT student or a community member over age 18, visit the STEM Girl Day Volunteer webpage to learn more about volunteer opportunities. Due to campus Youth Protection Policies regarding minors on campus, we cannot allow anyone under the age of 18 to volunteer for STEM Girl Day unless volunteering with a parent or other adult serving as a chaperone.


How can I support STEM Girl Day?

STEM Girl Day is free to participants every year due to the generous donations and support from our corporate sponsors and community. We are incredibly grateful for this support so we can continue to show girls everywhere how great STEM is for a college major and career!

Support STEM Girl Day with an individual donation to Women in STEM or email Tricia Berry for more information about becoming a corporate partner.

You can also support STEM Girl Day by spreading the word, sharing about the event on social media (tag: #UTGirlDay @UTWiSTEM), telling educators and schools about the event, and encouraging corporate and community organizations to get involved.