STEM Girl Day - Landmarks Scavenger Hunt

Discover STEM through art on campus while participating in STEM Girl Day at UT Austin.

Landmarks found throughout STEM Girl Day

As you navigate through the open spaces of STEM Girl Day, view Landmarks' public art collection from a STEM perspective:

  • How many beams, boats, or mountains make up the works of art?
  • How is the art made? What materials were used and why?
  • What engineering or physics was used to create the sculptures?
  • What other science, technology, engineering, or math might have been used to design, create, build, manufacture, or place the art?

Landmarks Throughout STEM Girl Day

Download the STEM Girl Day Landmarks Scavenger Hunt or find it in the STEM Girl Day App to add a "Find the Art" adventure to your STEM Girl Day experience.

Join Landmarks, UT Austin's public art program, at the site of Clock Knot during STEM Girl Day. Learn about the ways in which Mark di Suvero incorporated structural engineering in his artwork and make your own mini sculpture to take home. Find "DIY Cantilevers with Clock Knot" on the CPE Plaza.

About Landmarks

Works of public art have the capacity to resonate deeply, stimulate curiosity, and inspire the imagination in unexpected ways. At The University of Texas at Austin, the public art collection is one of the most distinguishing features of the main campus, shaping impressions and offering a distinctive setting for memorable experiences.

As the university’s public art program, Landmarks enriches the lives of students and visitors by presenting art that is broadly accessible and free to all. Some fifty works of modern and contemporary art are throughout the 433-acre campus and viewed by thousands of people every day.