Girl Day is a free-flowing event open to the public. You should plan for lots of people and a good amount of walking across the UT campus. Students can choose which activities they'd like to attend and come and go at their leisure. Activities are ongoing throughout the event with the exception of a few great science shows which occur at set times throughout the event. 

What to expect when you come

Come prepared and check out the program ahead of time to plan the activities you'd like to visit. Also, plan to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. We also recommend bringing a bag to take home all of the fun things you create during the day! You should expect lots of noise and people around you having fun. If an activity is crowded, we recommend returning to it later. Discuss with your participants what to do if they get separated from you - they should immediately find a Girl Day volunteer wearing one of our shirts and they will take them to an info tent. While we have lots of volunteers to help lead activities, we encourage you to help your participants make the connection to engineering, to help them question their activity designs (without leading them or doing it for them), and being a positive force encouraging them to see what they can do with math and science!